Saturday, December 31, 2011

This dish features some of the aforementioned items I was unable to identify.

There are obviously carrots and peas in a pod. The gray flower-shaped items were koyadoufu
(高野豆腐) which is a type of tofu I have never encountered. The green/white/orange pieces in the bottom right are all pieces of konnyaku (蒟蒻) which is inexplicably translated as "devil's tongue" making it sound profoundly evil. Although in fact it is merely a potato-based gelatin which is as far from Satan as I can conceive for a food product. The unknown object was the quarter circle items to the top left. Those are pieces of ebi-imo (海老芋) which means shrimp-potato. So-called because when unprepared, they have crescent-shaped black curves on their skin that resemble the shell of a shrimp.

Moving on...

This is a red sake made from red rice (赤飯).

I was told it tastes like wine in one of the more inaccurate statements I have ever been lucky enough to hear in my life. However, it was rather tasty so I shouldn't complain.

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