Saturday, December 31, 2011

More to eat on New Year's Eve

When we get down in America, we get down. When there is a party or event to be had, we go balls-out when it comes to food. We wrap shit in bacon, we deep fry things that are technically speaking, a cookie, we invent new animals because apparently nature failed to supply something savory enough (see: Turducken - A turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken)

Turducken: Because God completely failed to predict the American palate - omniscient my ass

And even after creating that poultry-based version of the Human Centipede we somehow decide that that still isn't enough so we wrap a turducken in bacon to create a turbaducken:

When your holiday meal is one participant up on the monstrosity created in "Human Centipede (First Sequence)" you know you are on to something truly special

Now let us take a moment to consider the Japanese New Year's meal. We have already seen that it starts with a bit of soba (which is a buckwheat noodle for the record).

Next we move on to the main course:

We put a chicken in a duck in a turkey. Here it is tuna, squid, and small portions...with no bacon. We can now officially stop doing news broadcasts wondering why we are so fat and just look at this picture.

Here is the main dish we all get...

7 things not to bring to a tailgate outside San Francisco.

More more more...later later later...

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  1. Tell me honestly that you NEVER crave a Fat Cat, though... ;)