Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photos from a not-so-recent trip!

The Jolly Green Giant's juicing half-brother and a nautically themed dildo welcome you to this ferry running between one tiny boring island and another!

Everything must have eyes!

This omelet-rice was completely lacking in any human-like facial features. So I used ketchup to attempt to help this omelet-rice express its thoughts about being my dinner. Apparently it wasn't happy about the idea. Fortunately it didn't have any tomato-based appendages or vocal cords, so this wasn't much of an obstacle to overcome.

Yay Japanese Marketing Pt. IV

Of course retard as a verb means to slow down, and power means...well, power, so in essence, this is a very appropriate name in terms of conveying this breaking systems effectiveness, but perhaps the fact that this name is so hilarious to native speakers that they lean out of car windows on the highway and risk cracking a $400 camera in order to get a shot of it for a blog that is read by approximately no one, is a sign that you need to change your name.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


In the harbor of the town I visited in Hiroshima about 100 years ago, there were these completely safe-looking docks. Clearly discarded Styrofoam and bits of unused wood tied together with rope of questionable strength and composition are a top-notch system for dock construction, but JUST to be super safe, they decided to post a small sign that said "危険" (kiken) or "dangerous". Not that such a over-protective bit of visual warning is really necessary for such a clearly sturdy piece of nautical boat-boarding equipment.