Friday, April 16, 2010

Season's Eatings

Bad pun...sorry

Anyhow, food in Japan is very closely tied to the seasons. Certain foods, fruits, and vegetables are closely tied to certain months or seasons. Late April/Early May is takenoko season (竹の子) - lit. child of bamboo, which is bamboo root. (the yellow part - not the green which is wakame)

It has a slightly crunchy texture - you may have had it if you ever ate proper ramen - a small piece of bamboo is usually part of the garnish. Otherwise it is similar in texture to a slightly boiled carrot.

Regardless (or irregardless if you are a moron) it is absolutely divine. Those in SF can surely find it somewhere on Clement or Irving St. and it has a very slightly sweet taste.

As for the dark green wakame - it is a seaweed, but rather different from the nori you find wrapped around sushi, or the konbu used to flavor soups and stews - it is as slimy as it looks and though I like it, most of my affinity comes from the fact that anything that dark green and resembling pond scum must truly be healthy (it is).

Eat up!

(Update - It has a sweet taste because it is boiled with a bit of sugar - duh!)

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