Thursday, April 15, 2010

43 days since arrival

Ahhh, so typical of Dan - he tells the whole world (or at least parts of San Francisco and Portland, Maine) that he is going to certainly and definitely set up a blog or podcast of some sort just as soon as he gets settled in Japan so he can keep in touch, then promptly lets six weeks slip by without so much as a peep to his peeps...pathetic isn't it?

Well, in my defense I have been mildly busy finding gainful employment (check) and a local bar where I can listen and occasionally understand some gaped-tooth local grandpa yammer on while half-under the table on hot sake (check) and making some attempt to learn the Japanese I supposedly know after passing the level 2 proficiency exam (kinda-check). So it isn't like I have been sitting around with my thumbs up my backside. However, six weeks is a bit much.

But enough of this self-flagellation; down to the business of this blog...

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