Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not much comment really needed

Only to say that this sign is very large, and hanging on a major thoroughfare and elevated highway (of the looming type mentioned in a previous post)

In some way, the best part is that no Japanese translation is present making this a special present to all English speakers and likely a source of profound confusion to the roughly 1,000,000 people who must pass on a day-to-day basis.

This "only in English" is surprisingly common in signage here. True, most Japanese people can read enough to know what signs saying "bar", "coffee", "tobacco" and other such vices mean - but this one is likely just for us English speakers...

Also note, there is nothing being sold here - no address, telephone number, call-to-action etc.
(this looks like it was printed long before URL had a meaning) - so it seems to exist solely for the purpose of entertaining the few random passers-by who can decipher the meaning, making me treasure it all the more.


  1. This seems perfectly fit for Japan- one can only hope that this was paid for by an entertaining foreigner- for our sake.

  2. That's my take on it - by the way - I have an outline of that earlier project we discussed,

    OK, outline is an overstatement - ideas is more like it