Friday, December 23, 2011

What happened?

So looking at the blog it was shocking to realize that over three months have passed since my last update. So what happened?! Well, a number of things have transpired since I last wrote about America's penchant for waste lines measures in the kind of numbers usually reserved for intergalactic measurements.

1) *** ***: This is secret at least for another month, but once the necessary people have been informed I can delve into this in more detail. Needless to say that the number of asterisks are an accurate representation of how many letters are involved.

2) Stand up comedy! I have been fulfilling a life-long dream of performing stand up comedy in a country that doesn't speak English.

3) Real Estate transactions! I bought a house! Ok, so it is an apartment, but it is still property ownership which necessarily comes with enough bureaucracy to choke a horse.

4) NFL! It is (American) football time back in the mother country and my team continues to fail to suck, which means I have to devote unconscionable amounts of time to watching them throw the balls to each other and then listen to other ex-players talk for hours about what that all means.

5) Adaptation! One of the problems with living in a strange and wholly foreign country like Japan is that the longer you spend here the less strange it seems. After a year and a half, even the most insane things become routine and slip past the "this should go on the blog" filter.

Anyhow - more about all these things coming soon since I am on break until 1/6/12 and have officially run out of excuses.

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