Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hisahiburi - It's been a while

I will be the first to admit that recently, my updates have been as reliable as a 1960's British sports car, but so goes the way of the blog. Like a neglected hamster, it scorns you and gnaws at your conscience as you while away the hours playing online poker and the latest installment of the Total War series. "I should really post something soon, before I test the concept have actually having a negative number of visitors to my site" you think to yourself as you lose another fake $10,000 to some guy in Hong Kong who beat your straight with a flush you should have suspected, or as Copenhagen falls to your unstoppable but very fictional British forces. So the battle to turn back Napoleon will have to take a hiatus as I renew my efforts to inform you of the insanity, sanity, and weird wonderfulness that is this island, this zen tea garden, this Japan.

1 comment:

  1. Wait, are you playing Napoleon: total war? What's your steam ID? I'm troglodist.