Sunday, December 12, 2010

The comedy of a Sunday afternoon walk

All photos taken on a walk around the neighborhood

We have two options here:
1) This is Coffee House Brain, which is a horrible name and does nothing to suggest relaxing times sipping coffee, but rather brings to mind large gray slimy organs of cognitive import.

2) The random capitalization is not random and this is in face Coffee House Bra In. Which I guess is only slightly better in that it brings to mind breasts, but still not the relaxing coffee-sipping scene that we are hoping for.

The Japanese sign takes the guessing out of the equation and informs us it is choice one. Which makes us only wonder why the hell it was written out BRAin.

And wonder is all we can do as we move on to sample two:

This is why the placement of punctuation. matters

This sign means reads: Osama no Kakurega which means "Where Osama hides".

But before the CIA leaps into action it should be noted that Osama means king in Japanese (and technically it is a drawn out O sound like you are saying it twice as long).

It would still be amusing to see a swat team act on this bit of intelligence.

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