Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playing with English

Ok, so maybe the last post was a bit harsh on the Japanese use of foreign languages in their signage, so as a counterbalance, I will make the point that they can actually be very creative when borrowing English words (and other languages I imagine, though I don't speak any well enough to know)

This is a sign in front of the local Mr. Donuts (which was apparently once a US chain that moved and survived overseas)

These cute little sugar-laden face-adorned snacks are called (and here is where we get clever) Hole Things, or Whole Things. Since it is written in Japanese, there is no phonetic difference between Hole and Whole. So are they "Hole" things since they have a hole in the middle, or "Whole" Things as you can eat the whole thing?

It's like the Schroedinger's Cat experiment of snacks

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  1. A bit late in reading your blog, Dan San--but well done. Love the writing...brings it back.